TreeRadar Tree Root Mapping

Ground Penetrating Radar Services

TreeRadar GPR Root-finder maps tree roots and provides information of the subsurface environment. TreeRadar is non-invasive, without excavations or site disturbances.It is a no mess root mapping system. With the sophisticated TBA software, PBA can accurately map tree root positions and plot locations of other underground targets and provide tree root solutions. TreeRadar scans through concrete, tarmac and soil surfaces.

Root sizing – Tree Radar root mapping

The available hardware and software outputs classes root diameter in two sizes:

  • above 10mm diameter
  • above 20mm diameter

PBA’s skilled Arb-GPR specialist can advise on a range of sizes. Our technicians analyse specie root proliferation, predicted root morphology maps and assess amplitude reflections etc. to provide the most reliable root size estimates available.

PBA are currently trialling the TBA software outputs with ground truthing excavations, measuring and verifying root sizes to findings. PBA are well placed to provide the best available advice with regards to root size and positioning.

TreeRadar: Root protection areas (RPA) and design Relationship

TreeRadar maps tree roots within the RPA accurately.

  • Outputs from TreeRadar GPR scanning include the spread, location and density of roots. The information can be plotted to plans with a high degree of accuracy.
  • With TreeRadar, PBA provide the best available advice on design relationship of buildings, roads, utilities and structures close to roots or within the RPA.
  • PBAs Arb-GPR technicians can work on site with the structures team setting out piles/ foundations between identified roots enabling approved construction within the RPA. Non-invasive, no mess and without damage to tree roots, TreeRadar can scan through reinforced concrete, tarmac as well as soil surfaces.

Engineering and Structures integrity

Radar root finder can map tree roots in relation to building and other structures.

  • TreeRadar GPR outputs determine positions of tree roots, these can be plotted to plan in relationship with important structures, i.e. listed buildings, Scheduled Monuments, reservoir embankments Additionally, our skilled Arb-GPR analyst can advise on associated buried artefacts, foundation etc. TreeRadar is non-invasive and provides trenchless, without damage, no mess solutions for tree root mapping.
  • With TreeRadar PBA can scan through concrete, tarmac and other substrates and provide information on subsurface conditions including concrete reinforcement, subbase material profiling.
    With TreeRadar PBA can evaluate conditions within the RPA under hard surfaces including possible services – a bespoke Arb-GPR service from PBA. 

Tree Health

The outputs from the GPR analysis software can be used by our skilled Arb-GPR operators to validate root conditions associated with trees in poor health – experience in analysis is critical.

  • As only live roots are detected by TreeRadar GPR, our technicians can analyse roots densities and specie root proliferations/root morphology maps and assess the likelihood of root failure.
  • The root zones of trees in poor health, growing in hostile conditions can also be evaluated and advice given on subsurface conditions i.e. rubble, concrete and other geological targets that may affect root development.

Forensic evidence

TreeRadar GPR data outputs can used as forensic evidence

  • The accuracy of TreeRadar root-finder in mapping tree roots can provide evidence to prove or disprove allegations of root severance, trenching and other prohibited excavations within the RPA. The outputs of Tree root mapping (Root morphology maps) can also advise on the extent of root trespass into adjoining property/buildings
  • Our skilled Arb-GPR analyst can identify past trenching activities, change in soil levels, root trespass and much more – experience is critical.

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