Professional Landscape Design Services

Professional Landscape Design

Good landscape design is fundamental to the success of any development project. Whether it is a commercial site or a full housing estate, professional landscape design demands insight, knowledge, spatial awareness, and a solution-focussed attitude. It is both a technical and an artistic discipline. This is exactly what PBA Consulting brings to the table, creating results that surpass our client's expectations.  

Professional values underpin our methodology to provide landscape design that;

  • Meets planning requirements
  • Achieves ecological and environmental objectives
  • Protects and enhances the existing built environment, land and treescape

With PBA Consulting on board, we can achieve these objectives. We journeying with you, to keep the spirit of the development and landscape vision in focus.

Our Professional Values

As a company with over 20 years’ experience we believe in  

  • Providing services on time and within budget
  • Contributing best practise and creative input
  • Offering a high level of customer service to our clients
  • Embracing landscapes for their aesthetics and environmental value
  • Considering our responsibility of environmental stewardship
  • Ensuring ethical practices and processes are adhered to
  • Proactive engagement in the projects assigned

Why use PBA Consulting as your professional partner?

If funding were not limited landscape design could realise monumental and lavishly creations. However, the majority of projects require careful consideration to achieve the vision within a limited budget. It is here that PBA Consulting excels. 

With the breadth of experience gained in landscapes large and small, (including two Chelsea Flower Show gardens), our corporate clients benefit from our passion and enthusiasm focused on results. We aim to provide the very best in landscape design.

Lead Consultant Jon Barton is an active Landscape Institute Affiliate Member, providing CPD to the Landscape Institute and the RICS

Through our developed methodology, we can provide landscape management, landscape and visual impact assessment, concept design, master planning, detailed design and planting plans. In short - whatever your requirements are PBA Consulting's professional landscape design service can elevate your vision from sketch to reality.

Further information

To discuss your landscape vision call us on 01202 816134.