TreeRadar GPR Locates Badger Setts

TreeRadar GPR will locate and plot badger tunnels
and confirm the extents of badger setts.

Ground-Penetrating Radar (GPR) is non-invasive and will not disturb European badgers (Meles meles).

Ground-Penetrating Radar is an established technique used for locating underground engineering and environmental targets such as pipes, barrels, drums rock and concrete. With GPR, differential changes in the subsurface profile such as excavations and voids are identifiable - an underlying factor why GPR is one of the leading forensic tools used by Police to locate buried evidence at crime scenes – experience is necessary.

TreeRadar provides reliable identification of badger activity

PBA uses TreeRadar to provide demonstrable evidence of badger activity. Following the TreeRadar GPR survey, PBA examines the radargrams for subsurface disturbances and identifies soil voids attributable to badger activity - underground badger runs or tunnels. 

  • Our experts interpret radargrams to identify the unique reflective hyperboles attributable to sizable voids (Badger Tunnels).
  • The refined analysis software enables PBA to carryout exact measurements of profile variations. Additionally, the bespoke software provides for precision of void dimension to enable comparison of badger tunnels, rabbit burrows and other habitats.

Radargrams can annotated accordingly to provide printouts showing the location and depth of voids (tunnels). Additionally, the position of badger tunnels along scanlines can be plotted to plan and or ground if required.

Benefits of TreeRadar: assessing badger activity

Using TreeRadar GPR for locating and mapping underground voids (potential badger runs) has several advantages over other methods:

  • It is completely non-invasive and does not disturb the soil, badger habitats or other habitats being examined.
  • TreeRadar Causes no harm to the environment.
  • Large areas can be scanned accurately and in a short time.
  • Being non-invasive, it allows repeated measurements at intervals to reveal long-term badger sett development.
  • Tree Radar allows observation of badger tunnels beneath hard surfaces (concrete, asphalt, bricks), roads and buildings,
  • Accuracy resolves tunnel diameters and enables confirmation of suitability for the target species European badgers (Meles meles).

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