BS5837 Tree Surveys in Relation to Construction

BS5837 Tree Survey Service 

Identifying tree locations for construction and development projects

Following BS5837 tree survey (trees in relation to construction) to provide dependable tree survey advice is just the start of the process in assessing trees in relation to construction. At PBA Consulting, we are acutely aware of both the value of land and trees in urban development. Determining what trees must be retained, and what land must be protected is fundamentally important. If development space is to be maximised in order that the true value of a development is realised, we have the solution.

Maximising development space

If you want to maximise development space you will need to accurately identify the space that is needed for trees. BS5837 expresses this as a theoretical area while our GPR Treeradar allows us to map tree roots and determine more accurately where roots are, thus allowing developers to maximise the usable development space. (click to read more about tree root investigations)

Comprehensive service

Working throughout the UK, PBA Consultants can provide BS5837 tree surveys, in any location. Subject to the project size and your requirements, we can initially complete feasibility surveys. Following through to providing a complete BS5837 tree survey report ready for planning submission. We can of course bolt on our Treeradar (tree root investigation) service should this be applicable. We can provide CAD drawings to present the BS5837 tree surveys for planning and construction purposes.

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