Tree Inspections

Professional Tree Inspection Services

Where the health or safety of a tree is in question it is recommended that a tree inspection is completed to determine if the tree is a risk to people or property. Where safety is an issue PBA Consulting offer a cost effective rapid response service. See our professional tree inspection services below.

PBA Consulting have a network of qualified tree inspectors able to survey trees throughout London and the south. Using the latest technology able to quickly capture tree data and identify safety hazards in order that these can be resolved. Recommendations are made as to what tree work is required, along with GPS and photographic information to locate trees.

How can PBA Consulting help?

  • Tree conditions surveys
  • Mortgage tree inspection
  • Subsidence, if it has been determined that trees are causing subsidence then PBA can inspect and advise accordingly for insurance purposes.
  • Tree canopy inspections, where have the capability to climb and inspect!
  • Detailed tree inspections, we can provided extensive inspections on trees including decay detection

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If you or your organisation need a tree inspection why not call PBA Consulting on 01202 816134 for an informal chat about the services we can offer.