The PBA ‘5 Steps to Success in Landscape Estimating

Landscape Bidding and Estimating is an area of our expertise that is distinctly niche. We help Landscapers to win contracts, from small developments of less than 10 dwellings to major projects in the thousands.

With over 25 years’ experience in the landscaping sector we have developed our own unique spreadsheet system which makes quoting really simple. This means you can track your budgets and know your margins.

In summary the PBA ‘5 Steps to Success in Landscape Cost Estimating’ are

  • Drawings take-off – comprehensive and accurate measurements are collated
  • Quotation parameters agreed – labour, material and equipment margins set
  • Materials priced – competitive priced obtained
  • Fully specified bill items – item scope defined
  • Branded Bill of Quantities produced - presented in an easy to read format

Our Landscape Estimating methods result in the preparation of the Bill of Quantities by utilising PDF software calibrated to scale. Thus drawings are measured accurately and we can produce quantified plot by plot schedule. This fast, efficient and accurate drawing take-off method can include colour coding and quantities, ideal for your site staff to work from.

All plants are quantified and costed, turf and grass seed requirements measured, with labour and materials included. We compare prices from several nursery wholesalers to find the best plants and prices for the housing development location. Often major developers are looking for landscaping costs a year ahead of construction. We are mindful of this delay and factor in potential cost increase during this time.

Computer monitor showing landscape estimating documents

We can act seamlessly as part of our Client’s team, providing branded estimates and correspondence, and liaising with the developers’ Quantity Surveyors and Site Managers. One client has told us he wins every contract we estimate for him. And since we build long term relationships with our clients we know that our landscape estimating service is effective in winning them business.

For landscaping companies landscape project estimating upwards of £200,000 becomes an achievable objective, given that the cost to prepare the estimate of this size would be in the region of 0.5% of the contract value.

If you are a Landscape company bidding for contracts with major house builders

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