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Initially we thought disaster had struck, but you were able to get all resolved in a professional manner. James – Property Developer

Landscape Design Services & Solutions

At PBA our Landscape Design Services & Solutions are used to shape the natural and built environment creating satisfying places for people to live, work and play while providing environments for plants and animals to thrive.

"Really understanding the landscape is only achieved through horticultural, and landscape management experience, balanced with a spatial appreciation of landscape design. At PBA we pride ourselves on having a special mix of practical know-how, commercial awareness and design flair that realise all the objectives set for a site!"
Senior Partner Jon Barton

All our consultants are formally trained and experienced in developing creative solutions. Through effective landscape design, achieved through utilising man-made and natural materials, we aim to reflect the identity and qualities of an existing or new landscape.

PBA's principle landscape design solutions are covered by;

To complement our principle areas of service, PBA routinely advise and make recommendations on the feasibility of landscape design. We are used to coordinating and engaging with owners, managers, users and other stakeholders when developing designs.

The development of landscape design solutions is process lead - from feasibility design that may include 3D visualisation, through detailed design and working drawings, to supporting tender documentation and site implementation.

We are often involved in the tendering process, contract administration and other areas, including site inspections, to ensure our schemes progress as intended. We are used to specifying plants and construction materials for use with our designs.

At PBA Consulting we have an accumulated wealth of expertise in Landscape Design Solutions and are always keen to review and discuss how we can assist in realising your vision.

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