Landscape and Tree Surveys


    PBA Consulting employs experts – highly qualified in their particular field – to carry out inspections and surveys. This ensures you get detailed, reliable data – the basis for creating an appropriate, practical management plan. Being multi-disciplinary, PBA Consulting can provide a fully integrated service. We cover all aspects of landscape, arboriculture, ecological management, hard and soft landscape features, signs and fences. Our one-stop service ensures clients receive genuine value for money.

    GPS / GIS Surveys

    We use leading edge technology to ensure surveys are carried accurately and promptly. We use Geographical Information Systems (GIS) and Global Positioning Systems (GPS) technology.

    We also use appropriate hand-held technology (PDA, tablets or notebooks) with GIS/GPS solutions for real-time data entry.

    We are licensed users of Ordnance Survey Digital maps which – combined with our bespoke data collection software – enable us to offer a wide range of services. We can accurately plot landscape features, produce photographs linked to geographical points and attribute data exportable to all standard applications.

    Feature Mapping

    The ability to take digital maps to site, linked to GPS positioning, enables us to map many features with a high degree of accuracy. This enables us to provide GIS-linked landscape facilities inspections, mapping of borders and grassland.

    We are also able to map hard landscape features such as footpaths, fences, lighting, and signs. Data collection covering condition, type, area and other details can be attributed as required.

    Habitat and Vegetation Surveys

    Understanding the ecological value of a site is an essential element of many types of project. Ecological surveys can range from the preparation of habitat maps (with associated description) to more detailed surveys required to support a permit application to statutory bodies.

    We have consultants who are fully qualified and experienced to undertake survey and monitoring work for a wide range of species and habitats.

    Botanical surveys, woodlands, hedgerows and river corridors containing protected species such as bat, great crested newt, dormouse, water vole, badger etc are all within our scope.

    Tree survey using GPS and GIS

    Tree Surveys

    PBA Consulting provides a complete service for assessing trees. This includes advice on their care and maintenance. We cover all locations: highways, parkland, private gardens, woodlands, riverbanks etc.

    We regularly carry out tree stock assessments, including ancient trees. We prepare strategy and management plans and provide a strategic approach to tree care and replacement.

    Property developers (both residential and commercial) often require a tree survey prior to detailed planning submission. This is to identify appropriate trees for retention and a means of protecting these trees. Our Arboriculturalists are experienced in surveying trees in accord with BS5837 2005: Trees in relation to construction.

    Ground-Penetrating Radar

    Ground Penetrating Radar Ground-Penetrating Radar (GPR) acts as a virtual excavator, providing rapid inspection and locator of underground services, artifacts and tree roots.

    TreeRadar (GPR) takes the guesswork out of assessing tree root spread and position.

    TreeRadar (GPR) acts as a virtual excavator, providing rapid, non-invasive inspection of subsurface structural roots as small as 12mm.

    The equipment detects and maps roots and services under covered surfaces such as asphalt and concrete.

    It can also map root proximity to (and interaction with) underground services including pipes, cables, ducts, etc. TreeRadar is also used for non-invasive detection of decay in trees.

    Landscape management


    Our integrated approach to landscape management results in clearly-defined practical strategies that are cost effective and result in minimal intervention during implementation and monitoring.

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    Arboricultural management


    Our consultants’ quantified approach to tree evaluation, supported by specialist investigation equipment, provides safe, sustainable solutions for the most challenging of treescapes.

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    Conservation management


    We provide environmentally sensitive solutions which balance biodiversity needs and management operations. This creates an integrated, sustainable approach to conservation, the protection of endangered species and important habitats.

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