Technical Reports

    We have produced a number of exemplar technical reports and documents based on real life situations covering landscape, arboricultural and environmental management issues. These are designed to give you an informative overview of some of the specific topics we have advised on – To view, please click on the appropriate links below.


    TreeRadar Ground Penetrating Radar plots and provides quantified information on the depth and position of tree roots, underground services and other objects; without excavation or use of an Air-spade.
    High concentrations of Methane Gas can asphyxiate tree roots and cause death and or damage. This report outlines investigations carried out along the route of a narrow bore pipeline adjacent to a public road and under trees and gives conclusions as to the probability of damage.
    TreeRadarTM ground-penetrating radar accurately locates tree roots under pavements. Research and study by Cornell University, U.S.A. on trials carried out around Norway maples planted in 2003.
    Following the Millennium celebrations the lawns of the museum were badly damaged. This report provides a photographic record of the damage caused with recommendations for reinstatement.
    This watercourse management plan identifies priorities for survey work. It provided protocols for the survey to ensure the current specie status was identified to enable detailed management and prescriptions to be prepared to retain (or recover) populations to sustainable levels.
    Prepared following the assessment of the condition of a red oak tree with possible infection by Armillaria species (honey fungus). It is situated in the front garden of a private property and is within falling distance of the house and highway.
    Prepared as part of performance driven grounds contract designed to deliver a high standard of maintenance. The scope of work covered a complete range of facilities including sports surfaces, prestige grounds and trees. These guidance notes were provided to give guidance on pro-active management regimes required by the contractor and ensure parity in tender and value.
    This document outlines the tendering procedure required to ensure delivery of the tender on time. The document also ensures that the scope of work is fully understood.
    The site is located in a Conservation Area and associated with Grade 1 listed buildings. This impact assessment was carried out prior to the installation use and removal of a proposed ice skating rink and associated facilities within the grounds of the Museum.
    This specification was prepared to improve the bio-diversity of the river bank adjacent to the development site. It specifies the management of pollards and native shrubs and the planting of the water edge with indigenous species. It includes management recommendations to reduce Himalayan balsam and to encourage a more diverse flora and fauna.
    The principles of BS 5837: 2005 Trees In Relation To Construction were applied to a survey and visual assessment of the trees at this new road junction. This assessment was to consider the likely impact of the proposed new road widening scheme on trees and to provide mitigation measures to protect any that may be affected.
    PBA Consulting carried out a review of the contract documentation prepared by a local town council to ensure the document reflects current legislation and regulations.
    A model tree inspection report and management plan. This was prepared to meet the requirements of the MoD to provide tree management planning for the real estate. It covers tree and woodland management planning, contains an overall strategy and a five year plan of operations and works required.
    A review with recommendations for a design detail for surrounds to existing mature trees within a re-paving contract. The design integrates paving around trees whilst giving due regard to the root-zone requirements of trees. The design includes a unique system to prevent new roots developing between the sand bedding material and the new paving slabs.

    Landscape management


    Our integrated approach to landscape management results in clearly-defined practical strategies that are cost effective and result in minimal intervention during implementation and monitoring.

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    Arboricultural management


    Our consultants’ quantified approach to tree evaluation, supported by specialist investigation equipment, provides safe, sustainable solutions for the most challenging of treescapes.

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    Conservation management


    We provide environmentally sensitive solutions which balance biodiversity needs and management operations. This creates an integrated, sustainable approach to conservation, the protection of endangered species and important habitats.

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