Conservation Management

    Sensitive Land Management Solutions

    PBA Consulting provide sensitive land management solutions and prescriptions. They will help ensure the success of Biodiversity Action Plans (BAP) and contribute to the protection of endangered species and other species regarded as important to the ecology of an area.

    What PBA do

    PBA Consulting specialises in identifying key ecological priorities. We provide an integrated approach to managing conservation areas by finding the right balance. We always make the best use of local resources. And we specify appropriate conservation management, balancing biodiversity with necessary maintenance operations.


    See how our Landscape Management service works in real life:

    Conservation Case Study


    PBA created a successful regeneration plan for a riverside location in Berkshire. It included the control of invasive weeds and the promotion of native species.

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    Landscape management


    Our integrated approach to landscape management results in clearly-defined practical strategies that are cost effective and result in minimal intervention during implementation and monitoring.

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    Arboricultural management


    Our consultants’ quantified approach to tree evaluation, supported by specialist investigation equipment, provides safe, sustainable solutions for the most challenging of treescapes.

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