Contract Management


    PBA Consulting management planning expertise covers a wide range of activities. These include surveying, specification, procurement, administration and supervision of works. Together, this raft of services creates a fully integrated management facility for all landscape, treescape and environmental contract requirements.

    Contract Procurement

    • PBA Consulting arranges contract procurement, from publication of OJEU (Official Journal of European Union) notices and assessing pre-tender qualifications to the letting of the final contract.
    • Contracts are prepared from the ground up, based on client requirements. PBA always seek to identify the most appropriate, cost-effective solution.
    • Our clients include the MoD, Transport for London, Local Authorities, National Maritime Museum and the Natural History Museum.


    • We design and specify to our client’s individual requirements – from a simple design to a full grounds maintenance contract specification.
    • We produce functional, up-to-date specifications to match exact needs.
    • Our extensive experience and in-depth expertise enables us to specify with accuracy and to an agreed budget.

    Contract Administration

    PBA Consulting’s contract administration skills include:

    • works programming
    • financial control
    • production of risk assessments (generic and site specific)
    • production and monitoring of method statements and works orders
    • secondment of staff to ensure value for our clients


    • PBA Consulting provide experienced staff to instruct and supervise contractors when necessary.
    • In our experience, appropriate, skilled supervision increases contractor productivity, raises the quality of work and increases value-for-money.

    Landscape management


    Our integrated approach to landscape management results in clearly-defined practical strategies that are cost effective and result in minimal intervention during implementation and monitoring.

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    Arboricultural management


    Our consultants’ quantified approach to tree evaluation, supported by specialist investigation equipment, provides safe, sustainable solutions for the most challenging of treescapes.

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    Conservation management


    We provide environmentally sensitive solutions which balance biodiversity needs and management operations. This creates an integrated, sustainable approach to conservation, the protection of endangered species and important habitats.

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