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    We have produced a series of useful advisory notes relating to some of the challenges posed by landscape, arboricultural and environmental management. The advisory notes are designed to give you an informative overview of specific topics that may be relevant to you – as a professional or as a landowner. To download the notes, please click on the appropriate links below.    


    PBA Consulting’s senior staff have over 40 years experience in managing large public sector grounds contracts - they know how to cut costs not grass cutting standards. Check out our ten point plan.
    Use TreeRadar to accuracy detect and provide quantified information on internal decay in tree trunks and structural branches. Totally non-invasive - avoids the need for drilling holes and has minimal effect on habitats.
    TreeRadar with bespoke software provides an alternative to digging exploration holes and using air-spades! Learn about its capabilities in plotting the depth and position of roots, underground services and other artifacts.
    The objective of BS5837 2005 is to provide a balanced between the retention and protection of trees and development. Find out more about it.
    Ragwort can pose a serious threat to livestock and human health. Get to know the law relating to ragwort and learn how it can be controlled and prevented.
    Learn more about identifying Himalayan balsam a foreign species that can threaten biodiversity. Discover how it can be prevented and controlled.
    This plant can be a health risk. Find out about the law relating to Giant Hogweed and how it can be prevented and controlled.
    A pictorial guide on the identification of hazardous trees. This is an essential requirement for any land manager with responsibility for trees.
    Japanese Knotweed is a strictly controlled invasive species, which poses a threat to biodiversity and man-made structures. Get to know the law relating to it and find out how it can be controlled and prevented.

    Landscape management


    Our integrated approach to landscape management results in clearly-defined practical strategies that are cost effective and result in minimal intervention during implementation and monitoring.

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    Arboricultural management


    Our consultants’ quantified approach to tree evaluation, supported by specialist investigation equipment, provides safe, sustainable solutions for the most challenging of treescapes.

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    Conservation management


    We provide environmentally sensitive solutions which balance biodiversity needs and management operations. This creates an integrated, sustainable approach to conservation, the protection of endangered species and important habitats.

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